Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

We’ve all been there. We put off the kids’ Halloween costumes until the day of trick-or-treat, or we forgot to get our own costumes for our friend’s big Halloween bash. Don’t sweat it — you can probably come up with a costume using things you already have around the house. Here are five last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can prep at home:

  1. Rosie the Riveter: If your mantra is female empowerment, what better icon to dress up as? Just grab a white button-up, roll up the sleeves, and wrap your hair in a red bandana with white polka-dots.
  2. Tommy Pickles: If it’s not too cold out — and you’re comfortable in your own skin — you can head to a Halloween party in a blue t-shirt and an adult diaper that you can pick up on the way. Voila — you’re Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats.
  3. Robber: All you need is some black clothing, including a black hat or ski mask, and an old pillowcase on which you can draw a big dollar sign with marker.
  4. Ghost Emoji: Put a new spin on the classic ghost sheet costume by using felt or construction paper to make the classic ghost emoji face.
  5. Ceiling fan: Put on your favorite sports gear and hold a “Go ceilings!” sign. Suddenly, you’re transformed into a ceiling fan.


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