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Each year, millions if not even billions of New Year’s resolutions are set. It’s no secret that some of those don’t get completed, so here are some ways to get back on track with your 2020 goals.

Remember why you set that goal. Think about the reasons you wanted to reach the original goal you set in the first place. Reenergizing your convictions might be the extra motivation you need to finish your resolution off.

Turn your setbacks into positives. Even if you’re struggling to resolve your resolution, try to figure out why and fix it. Learn from your failures and take corrective action to turn it into a reason you finish your goal.

Seek help from others around you. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, as it’s completely normal. Even if you are just asking for tips, other people can give you the boost or advice you need to reach your goals.

Change or rethink your resolutions. At the outset of your goal setting you might bite off more than you can handle. You could overestimate yourself and then realize you can’t reach your goal. That’s alright, all you should do is change up your goal and make it more attainable, and chase after the bigger goal once you finish off the smaller one.

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