Family at home with kids | Victoria, TX

All across the country, people are adhering to stay-at-home orders that are in place for our collective safety. As a result, many parents are working from home, perhaps for the first time. This is challenging enough to adjust to on its own, but working from home with kids can be even more arduous. These tips may help you strike a balance between staying productive and being there for your family. 

Keep your boss and coworkers in the loop

When you have kids to take care of as well as meetings to sit in on, it can be difficult to prevent overlap. Let your boss and coworkers know that you have children staying home with you, and that you may need to pause a meeting from time to time to address their care. Making sure everyone is on the same page will take some pressure off the situation for you, and help give you more wiggle room to take care of both work and family.

 Try virtual child care

If you really need an hour to focus on something, but have no one in person to help with the kids, consider setting up a virtual playdate with a grandparent or a favorite babysitter. Playing a game or reading a book together virtually can help keep kids occupied under the supervision of someone trusted from afar.

Coordinate schedules

Save the most engaging activities for your kids for when you need to work with the fewest interruptions. Look ahead at each day and plan movie times, nap times, or online games during your biggest meetings.

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