If you have a new driver in the family, effective driving lessons don’t always have to take place behind the wheel. Even when the car is in park, you can still impart plenty of roadside wisdom to your teen driver.


Knowledge is Power

Understanding the fundamentals of how a car works is invaluable knowledge for teen drivers or any driver. They should know what the dashboard lights mean, how to activate headlights and windshield wipers, and how to fill the fuel tank.


Do Not Disturb

Before your teen starts the engine, make sure their cellphone is on Do Not Disturb to have the notifications turned off. Thankfully, Mazda vehicles offer plenty of smart features that keep you connected and get you the information you need while minimizing distractions. The suite of advanced technology on Mazda models makes them safe choices for teen drivers who are purchasing or leasing their first car.


Adjust for Comfort

As soon as your teen gets in the car, make sure they adjust the car’s mirrors and seat position for their safety and comfort. Vision should not be obstructed and they should be able to reach the pedals without jamming their knees up against the steering wheel.


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