Oil Change | Victoria, TX

An oil change is one of the most routine maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle. Whether you do it yourself or trust the professionals, you still have to choose what oil your engine needs. But which type of oil is right for your ride?

Look it up

While you have some options with motor oil, its weight is not up for debate. Before you buy, make sure you check the recommended oil viscosity rating in your owner’s manual.

Choose your type

Again, your owner’s manual might have a manufacturer’s recommendation on what type of oil to use, and you should follow its guidance. In general, there are four types of oils you can add to your vehicle.

Conventional motor oil: This is your basic oil. It’s a refined crude oil that includes additives to help your engine running well. It’s usually the cheapest option.

Full synthetic motor oil: Unlike what the name implies, full synthetic oil also starts out as crude oil, but it is much more refined than the conventional choice. It also has additional additives to promote engine health. This is the most expensive motor oil option, and it’s not usually recommended for older models.

Synthetic-blend motor oil: This is a mix of synthetic and conventional oil. It has the benefit of being more affordable than full synthetic motor oil while also giving your engine some of its enhanced additives.

High-mileage motor oil: When your engine gets on in miles, it’s important to give it a little extra TLC. For some engines, that starts with using a high-mileage motor oil. It can be made from conventional, blended, or full-synthetic motor oils. There are extra enhancements in this blend that can help alleviate common issues in older engines.

If you’re unsure at all about what oil you should use in your next change, contact the service team here at Atzenhoffer Mazda.