It doesn’t take a professional mechanic to add a few easy car upgrades that can change the way you drive. If you have some spare cash lying around and need a weekend project, improving your car is the way to go. Check out these simple do-it-yourself car upgrades most drivers can complete in a single day.

New Tires

Improving handling, performance, fuel economy, and traction starts with new tires. Tires with little tread can’t grip the road as well as brand new tires. Tires that offer better grip result in improved handling and cornering. Properly inflating your tires can increase fuel efficiency, too.

Cold-Air intake

Your car’s engine runs hot, so it seems obvious that cool air can only benefit temperature and performance. A cold-air intake can do just that. The intake sends cool, condensed air to the engine.

Sway Bar

A sway bar is a simple component that prevents a car from leaning too much through turns. In doing so, the sway bar helps preserve the car’s handling. When a car goes around a turn, the weight transfer and body roll puts pressure on the suspension. A sway bar connects the right-side wheels to the left-side wheels to prevent body roll. The kinetic energy saved by adding a sway bar helps the car take a curve more efficiently.

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