Fuel Efficiency Tips

Drivers have more control over their fuel efficiency than they might think. By making slight adjustments to how and when you drive, you can maximize gas mileage and fuel economy, spending less time at the pump and saving money each month. Here are a few tips to optimize your gas mileage:

Drive moderately.

High-speed driving and sudden starts and stops dramatically affect fuel efficiency. Going 10 mph slower on the highway can reduce your fuel usage by up to 20 percent, and gradually depressing your brakes and accelerator are less draining than putting the pedal to the floor. By slowing down and driving smart, you can save big.

Monitor your tire pressure.

When your tires deflate, they get softer, less round, and require more energy to turn, causing your engine to work harder and burn more fuel. It only takes a handful of quarters and five minutes at the service station to keep your tires full, so try to top them off once a month. Unsure what level is right for your tires? Check out this handy online guide.

Keep your car cool.

Just like water, gasoline evaporates on warm days. Have you ever noticed how the gasoline smell at the pump is stronger when it’s hot? That’s because it has evaporated into vapor, so there’s more of it in the air. When it’s especially warm or sunny, try to park in the shade or in a garage to keep your tank cool and full.

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