Road Signs

Road signs are everywhere, even in areas where the roads might not be paved (or are in desperate need of repaving). It’s hard to avoid them, and you may end up on the wrong side of the law if you ignore them. Just like with everything else, knowledge is power. Check out what road signs mean before you head out on your next vacation.

Warning Signs

Perhaps the most important signs drivers commonly see on the road, warning signs are yellow and orange in color. They’re often seen in diamond, pentagon, and circular shapes. Normally, these signs are reserved for unexpected conditions or changes in normal roadways. Examples of warning signs include construction and winter weather warnings.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs typically inform drivers of the limitations of the road. These signs are often red, black, or white in color. They normally take the shape of triangles, octagons, and vertical rectangles and display traffic laws. Examples of these traffic signs include yield and speed limit indicators.

Guide Signs

Guide signs are helpful for out-of-state visitors and provide information about the area. They’re usually green, blue, or brown in color. These signs are usually horizontal rectangles in shape. Examples of guide signs can include everything from route signs that mark interstates and roadways to highway mileage information and exit numbers.

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